inoDrone offers you technical inspection of renewable energy production facilities: inspection of wind turbines, photovoltaic panels and high voltage lines.



We have a set of agricultural drones that facilitate the analysis of a panoply of data to make sustainable decisions and act smart.



inoDrone offers numerous services in the industrial field to intervene in inaccessible, dangerous and extensive places.



Our experienced company in security offers drones video surveillance.



We put at your disposal our drones to inspect the various structures and hard-to-reach areas.


Audiovisual production

inoDrone offers you original shots and high quality photographs and videos.


Depending on your specific need of drones, we will assist you in obtaining the import license from the Moroccan Ministries.

A specific legal framework regulates the purchase of a drone in Morocco. The drones are classified as a merchandize that requires the prior procurement of an import license on the Moroccan territory. This framework is governed by the decree n ° 386-15 taken to that effect by the delegated ministry in charge of Foreign Trade, dated February 06, 2015 and published in the Official Bulletin n ° 6337 of February 23, 2015. Thus, each use of the drones must be subject to specific authorization from the local authorities.


A range of solutions

We offer you a selection of the most efficient software on the market, for the planning and execution of various drone missions. These tools that are compatible with our drone models are reliable and have impressive precision to revolutionize all your projects, whichever your field of work.

  • Pix4D : The ideal tool for carrying out analyzes or geo-referenced and highly precise topographic studies in 2D, 3D modeling. It includes Pix4Dmapper, Pix4Dbim, Pix4Dfields, Pix4Dmodel.
  • DJI Flight Simulator : Allows you to develop your drone piloting skills without facing the potential risks and costs associated with the real-life training settings.
  • DJI FlightHub : Allows you to efficiently manage your fleet of professional drones from a single platform.
  • DJI Terra : A photogrammetry and mapping software that creates 2D and 3D models as well as maps from aerial data collected with drones.
  • Agremo : The most powerful field analysis software for digital agriculture.

The market of professional drone continues to grow with the evolution of technologies, the utilizations increase and adapt to the demands of the companies.


An asset for the energy sector

Drones play a crucial role in the energy sector. They are used to assess and inspect the condition of assets, especially in hazardous areas, such as power distribution networks, nuclear and wind power plants, pipelines and offshore platforms, ...


An effective tool for territorial planning

Photogrammetry, cadastres, geo-referencing, 2D and 3D implantations, orthophotographs, the drone can now do everything; it offers possibilities in carrying out diagnoses in dangerous and hard-to-reach places, namely mountainous territories, protected natural sites, monuments and important buildings. It can also manage public works and green spaces.

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